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Fresh & Local

At SEA TO SKY FARMS we believe what is good for you is good for the planet. Through the innovation of vertical farming we are committed to a cleaner, greener future. Using less water, less land, less energy and no pesticides or herbicides we will help fight climate change as sustainability is our top priority. Being local farmers our goal is to improve food security, reduce food waste and repair our food systems while minimizing our carbon footprint. Nutrient dense greens are the cornerstone of good health which is why everyone deserves access to fresh, local produce 365 days a year. Our mission is to heal humanity and the planet one seed at a time.

Organic Beetroots


Vertical Farming requires 52X less land but still achieves high-quality optimal output. This allows us to preserve and protect precious wildlife in their natural habitat 365 days a year.


Enriched Nutrients
& Flavour

Produce harvested and transported over short distances delivers higher nutrients, flavour, freshness and appeal. There is significantly less waste as Vertical Farming is much more sustainable which aligns with our goal of fighting climate change.

Meet the Founder

The Founder and CEO of Sea To Sky Farms is Daniel Cruz who is the heart and soul of the company. Daniel was born and raised in Vancouver and developed his love for business early on. He pursued his passion further by majoring in economics at The University of Arizona. Although he loved studying abroad and travelling he was always excited to return home and stayed true to his Canadian roots.


Through diligence and hard work, he started his career in finance at Canaccord Genuity being mentored by the industry’s best. During this time Daniel excelled in business development and became highly skilled in Equity Research, Portfolio Management, Investor Relations, Corporate Finance, and Venture Capital. He particularly loved working with start-ups and helping entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. Then after 15 years of funding deals and making entrepreneur’s dreams come true he Co-Founded his own company Liquid Media Group which was the only Canadian Production Company listed on the NASDAQ. Liquid Media Group supports the local entertainment industry he grew up in. It was important to him that Canadian talent received the same opportunities as our neighbours to the south. He is a champion for the industry and volunteers for The Whistler Film Festival as their Treasurer.


Then like for many COVID 19 was an opportunity for Daniel to slow down and reconnect to what mattered to him most which was the health of humanity and the planet. He started to dive deep into plant-based nutrition and study our local food systems. He was disappointed to learn that majority of our produce travels over 1700 kilometers before it hits our plate and upset with the massive impact that has on climate change, food security and food waste. In addition he discovered that food production and our supply chain has been significantly impacted by COVID 19 along with recent droughts, devastating wildfires and historic BC floods. Therefore he knew with less land and more demand there needs to be an innovative and greener shift in how we grow our food. So he started to explore how he could be part of the solution which lead to Vertical Farming. 


In 2021 he purchased an organic farm in The Squamish Valley and has rooted himself in the farming community. Deep down Daniel is an impact driven environmentalist and humanitarian that wants to give back by fighting climate change, improving food security, reducing food waste while creating quality jobs that stimulates the economy.

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